piątek, 30 sierpnia 2013

kill all innocent

Why do people believe in lies rather then truth?

1. Lie is more pleasant then the truth in most cases 
It is because people who lie, do it for their benefit or for the cause. They do it Because they want something and they will not be able to get it unless it sounds good for the other side.

2. Lie is more probable then the truth
This is because as we all know life writes best scenarios. Things that seem impossible and fictional just randomly happen from time to time. So yeah, truth is rather hard to believe it. With lies in the other hand is quite the opposite. A liar always needs to consider the most probable version so it would make some sense. Nothing happens without reason and everything seems logical. Up till some time when the details are revealed. But then it's usually too late already. We call it history.

3. People love lies!
We all love to lie and we all, deep in our hearts, love to be lied to. We just love it. Then life sounds more meaningful, and perfect. It seems like we're taking part in something noble and that we are so good!

Why did I even start thinking about it?

I don't follow politics anymore and this is my reason. Everyone have their own version of what's happening. People argue about it, now knowing the truth. No one tells the truth. And getting all those versions, mixed up, each of us needs to decide what is going to be our version. And then when we have it all set up, we should take some position. It doesn't really matter which. All that matters is to take part of it! Why?

'Because one person can make a change!'

Yeah, sure. Another lie. Politicians know how to play us. It was well practiced since the beginning of human race. The leader was to decide what's good for others and what should they know. They know how make people believe they have a vote. Different parties all fight for the same cause. It's a theathre. Nothing else. They are actors and we are just an audience. When I think of all this bullshit we're being fed with, all I can think of is:

Those fuckers are trying to manipulate me. Not gonna happen! 

I'm against all wars that make no sense to me. Which means? All wars that have nothing to do with protecting your own people. If someone attacks, protect your land, and people on it. That's it. Everything else is just a violation of our rights. Why would You go to other continent to protect your land? Oh, yeah! I know the answer to that question. 

'Because attack is the best defence!'  

Doesn't it sound like another puzzle to our perfect manipulation machine? Soldiers are like pawns. They are just part of the equipment. They are thrown by those of power, so that they can get more rich, powerfull and famous, o they can be in history books, as great leaders who achieved SO MUCH. Yep...

'Kill all innocent!' - this should be their motto.

And then we see all those pictures and videos everywhere of soldiers comming back from war, to their families, or stories of soldiers and families that didn't return, and we all get so fucking sad. We could prevent it. But no. Let's just let our politicians decide. The blood is on their hands, or even better! Our enemy! Yep, this version sounds best. Let's keep it. And every little boy wants to be a soldier, and protect his country. They all want what is promissed. Life in glory and respect, or beautiful death for believes. What do they actually get? Life in stress, pain and self conflicts. Bloody, horrible experiences that make cripples out of normal healthy people (if not physically then for sure mentally) or death. I don't see any glory in this. We all have only one life. We should use it best we can, to do actual good and help those around us. Isn't that enough? If everyone would do so, world would be a really nice place to live in.

I just feel so helpless about it all. Is there any way, I can block politics from entering my life?
Of course there isn't. I still need to take part in this machine. But I'm doing my best not to know too much, because those lies are destructive. Is there anything worse then feeling like others are doing stupid, evil things and we can't stop them?

And.... I got pissed off again. Thanks politics!

P.S. I hope I don't get killed for writing this. People who write their opinions and try to find out the truth get punished.

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