niedziela, 28 czerwca 2009

Kiedys mi tak sie naskrobalo..

I otworzylam oczy.
Swiat ktory zobaczylam nie byl juz taki sam.
Teraz juz nic nie bedzie takie samo.
Czy decyzje, ktore podejmujemy na pewno sa dla nas najlepsze?

poniedziałek, 8 czerwca 2009


I got up
I opened the doors
I took a deep breath
I took my first step out
I looked back
Everything there was so normal
I turned on some music
I could go now
I took my second step
And I took my third one too
I looked back again
Everything was still normal
I thought well ok then let's go
But something was still missing
I had my bag on my arm
I had my music
I had my shoes too
What was missing then?
I didn't know
I took another step
And then one more
And suddenly I was walking
I didn't know where
I was just walking
One leg after the other
Step by step
And music was everywhere around
At least it seamed that way
Now I was walking
And I had my music
But I still missed something
During walking I was feeling empty
But then something amazing happened
I got a thought
Now I felt that I had everything I needed
I was walking
I had my music
I had thoughts running in my mind
I looked around
I could see the road
An empty road
And in front of me there was an archway
And around it sea of verdure and stones
And I could feel hot air on my skin
And I could feel some mystic atmosphere
And I knew where I was
And I knew I may get afraid
And I didn't
I took another step
Another step to that mystic world
The world where dead is dancing with the living
The world surrounded with all that sea of green
And I found a little stone building
And I thought of The Phantom 
And I sat
I should be afraid
But I wasn't
It was getting very dark
And It was quiet
And It was so empty
I would be afraid if I would be by myself 
But I had my music and my thoughts
My walk gave me some companion
My walk led me to a mystic place
My walk gave me some rest
My walk gave me some peace
My walk gave me everything I needed that time

Isn't it nice to walk?