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I'm 1/2 this and 1/2 that...

...but kinda 1/4 of that too and it's like... so cool! I'm really proud of that! It's who I really am.

This post may be disliked by many. Mainly Americans I would say. 

If you are: 
- born and raised in the USA, 
- 1/2 Polish, 
- 1/4 Irish,  
- 1/4 German 
then I guess this is your flag, isn't it?

It really pisses me off when people say:
- Oh, my grandparents were from Poland (I'll use it as an example to make it easier to explain) so I'm half Polish.
Dude, don't you understand that blood line doesn't connect you to anything but your family. I have never heard of such a thing called 'national gene'. Really!

So to be Polish/German/Russian/Irish/etc you need a little more then grandparents from there.
What about language, culture, religion, believes, national features?

If your family doesn't cultivate nationality by speaking the language, visiting home country every once in a while, keeping close with the relatives (like skype, fb, visits, etc), sticking to the tradition (like food, manners, morals, etc), if you don't keep in touch with the society (there are such in all bigger cities) and don't follow the rules (or even don't know them) then how can you claim yourself half Polish?! 

I'm not saying it's not good to try to get to know all the things I just wrote about. Sure, do your best. All of us want to know something about their ancestors. But 'proud 1/2 Polish, 1/4 Irish and 1/4 German' sounds stupid, doesn't it?

Yes, there are people who's parents are from two different countries. If they follow their traditions and culture and teach their kids the mother language, but they both live outside of their home countries, those can be 50-50 but mostly they are 1/3 x3 because they are what their mother, their father and their land is.

I'm 100% Polish and I'm proud of it. I know all the best things about my country and my people and I know all the bad things about them. I know what we eat, what we do, how we live, what are the rules, which rules we need to follow, and which ones are not obeyed by anyone. I know where I can get things that I need. I know what;s worth seeing and I did or I will see it. I know who to trust. I know how to solve problems here. I know my place in this society. I know where to have fun and where I should stay serious. I respect and I love things that surround me. I understand why. I hate some things too but I am trying to change them or I've learned to accept them. I can walk you around and show you cool places and things. I feel safe when I walk at night even in unsafe parts of the city. Those are my people. We don't fear what we know. I will stand for my country if it needs me.

Will you? Nope? I didn't think so. You will stand for the country you was born in. You will stand for the country you was raised in. You will stand for your country. 

Now could you tell me: 

What is your REAL nationality? Is it still 50-50?

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