czwartek, 25 października 2018

kids are it

Being a parent is so much easier when you don't have any kids.

The hardest part of being a parent is keeping your cool and doing what you believe in.

Not enought patience. That's what's stoping most people from being great parents. How long can you look at someone trying to get a piece of pasta on the fork without trying to help them or yelling? How many times can you do that? How many times a day? Can you do it while the rest of the meal that you prepared is landing on the floor, chair, table and the little person eating. How many times can you watch them learn new everyday activities every minute of a day? 
Changing, brushing, washing, eating bread, eating pasta, eating carrot, eating every other thing, with spoon, fork, hand, cleaning, turning pages, building towers, hugging toys, putting on shoes, opening the door, not running into your legs and not doing other silly things they think are funny because they don't understand. How many times can you repeat to yourself they need time and practice just like you did. How many times can you show the same simple thing? How many times can you repeat the same sentence? There comes a point where you are just mentally and physically tired and you need a little break. You get it and then it's all great again. 
Old fashioned families where relatives live close to each other are the best for raising kids. You feel overwhelmed - there's always someone who can "take over the kids". Sometimes one hour alone in the store is all you need. You get your shopping done, your sanity back and other adult gets to spend some time with cute little baby that makes their day better (because babies in small ammounts make everything better)

I'm so glad I have my family to enjoy the kids everyonce in a while so I can keep my sanity. I respect all parents who live alone with their kids, do their best and keep sane for most of the time. I love my kids so very much, I will give everything I have to them but I would be in pieces if I was with them 24/7. 

I think it's not so much being with them as being for them. Listening, talking, showing, teaching, being responsible and alert, foresee the unforseen, in a way even in your sleep.

But even in the most broken moment of my day their smile and hug can fix everything.

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  1. Polecam kaiążkę ‚Mama’ Sylwii Kubryńskiej, do nabycia w sieciówkach, w necie itp. Dokładnie o ty samym.