środa, 21 maja 2014

Zizi and Me

[We decided to sleep.]
[30 min later.]
Zizi: [singing] I wanna be loved by you hmhm hmhmhmhm-hm-hm-hmmm
Me: [grumpy] What the hell you think you're doing?
Zizi: Nothing. Just singing... yyy... what's her name? Mimi? Mona? Mmmm...
Me: Marilyn Monroe, maybe?
Zizi: Oh yeah! Her.
Me: Shut. Up. And. Sleep.

Zizi: I'm hungry.
Me: I know, me too. It will take at least 40 min to make that red pasta you wanted, so lets go out and eat pasta by Pergola. It will be faster. I will make my pasta in the evening. After Pergola we will go to that Ekonomalia concert.
Zizi: How about we eat in MacD instead and then go to the concert since we're already late.
Me: Ughhhhh... But.. mom!
Zizi: C'mon. It's gonna be way better! You love MacD!
Me: Fine.
[10 min later]
Zizi: Ok so lets go to Pergola!
Me: Ughhh... I thought we're going to MacD...
[Another 20 min of sitting home without any decision and no food at all.]
Me: I could've made that pasta.
Zizi: Shut. Up.
Me: So?! Now I'm not gonna make anything, MacD or Pergola?
Zizi: Let's just eat fast burger at home.
Me: Will you make it?
Zizi: No, You will.
Me: But dad...!
Zizi: Move your ass and do it.
Me: :(
[ended up in MacD] :D
[Needless to say that red pasta was cooked but two days later, not after the concert. After the concert we ate home made burgers]

Me: Let's sleep.
Zizi: Ok.
Me: Good night.
Zizi: Good night.
[Zizi - laying while I'm trying to get comfortable for next 3-5 min. Finally it seems like I've found a comfy position. 5 sec later Zizi takes deep breath of relieve. 30 sec silence. No one moves.]
Me: You know I was thinking...
Zizi: Yhym...
Me: And you know, blablablaBLAblaBlaBLAblablabla
Zizi: Mmm...
Me: Blablabla... but we were planning to sleep. Sorry.
[Me - moving again, trying to get comfy while all of the sudden I get a huge emotional breakout and I need hugs]
[Zizi hugs me and starts falling asleep]
Me: Blablablabla
Zizi: Sleep.
Me: Ok.
[Trying to get comfy again]
[Zizi falls asleep in short while]
[Me - hate for everything and everyone]

If I was him, I would kill me.

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