wtorek, 27 maja 2014

braintaking class +

Someone: We should make it a terrible ['triple'] class.
Me: Yeah, three classes in wine ['one']

P.S. both unconsciously.

*dingidingiding* [intercom]
Me: Yes?
X: Sally
[pressed the button to open]
Zizi: Who was it?
Me: Sally.
Zizi: Sally?
Me: Who the fuck is Sally?
Zizi: Who?
Me: Sally!
Zizi: I don't know. STUDYYYY! [in the tone as 'this is SPARTAAAA!']
[Minute later Ali comes]
[I guess he said: 'This is Ali' and I just misheard it ;p ]

|Shakira - La La La (Brazil 2014) ft. Carlinhos Brown

Why isn't this song the official instead of that idiotic dog's song.

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