piątek, 25 listopada 2016


What do they mean? 
Some believe they tell us the future, some that it shows us what we are concerned about or just that it's our brain's way of analyzing and storing information but maybe there's more to it. 
What if there's a dream that comes back over and over again or different dreams with the same theme or person involved that come at very specific times. 
Sometimes I wonder if there's any metaphysical connection that forms when other ways of contact are impossible. I don't believe in anything I can't sense and even in many things I can sense I don't believe but believing vs. wondering and wishing are two different things. 
Regret and wonder if we could've done more, if we could've tried harder, if we could've spend more time and effort...
Would it change anything? 
Wouldn't it be cool if we could go back in time remembering what will happen and change the future-present? Or if we could know our options of the outcomes while making major decisions? 
Maybe it would suck too if all of them would turn out to be shit. We'll never know but at least we can wonder and imagine.
In a way I love to dream and do things that are unavailable for me in this life but sometimes they make me realize how much I'm missing and how little there is that I can do about it.

|Grace ft. G-easy - You Don't Own Me

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