czwartek, 9 stycznia 2014

Zizi and Me

- You're lying!
- No i'm tigering.

- I'm just kidding.
- Cool. I'm adulting.

- I'm serious.
- I'm a movie.

- Movie?
- Fine.
- It's a date then.
- Yes, 23rd of October

- I'm not as patient as Lily.
- Your a doctor not a patient.

- You know why?!
- No, I know X. Never met Y.

- You rock!
- You paper.

- Będę prawe plecy.
- ?
- Be right back.
- Ty kamień. [you rock]

- Zombie apocalypse would start in Starbucks.
- Why?
- Because, you know, hipsters have to get it before everyone else does xD

- Starbucks cup? Red? Christmas? Now? o_O They should have it at least in May.
- (?).(?)
- Hipsters! They have to have everything earlier.

[We call praying - yoga.]
- I think Arabs must be very stressed nation.
- ??
- You know, doing yoga 5 times per day, that's quite much.

- It's getting dark pretty fast now.
- Yeah! Especially if we get up just before the sun set.

Romantic moment after waking up, hugs, kisses, etc...
- Mmm... You smell like... corn. [while of thinking with dreamy face] We should get some corn and cook it!
- Yeah... And spread some butter on it and let it melt and then put little sugar.. OR SALT on it! no, sugar... no salt... sugar... salt... ok ok sugar!
[And this is how romance can change into foodmance. True story!]

Conversation on fb group. A dude that I was mad at, at the time, proposed a meeting date to finish our project. Date works. My love writes:
'Tomorrow works, dear Xxx.'
- Do you think I should add anything?
- Nope. I would just change an 'a' to an 'e' in 'dear'.

Your dick is my 2nd favorite part of your body. [a while of deep thoughts] I mean... I love your other parts too, like your eyes, lips, hands and nose... Yeah,
If you'd be a dick stuck to the brain,
it wouldn't be the same.

- You should totally be a lawyer!
- Nah, they study a lot. [I'm a med student, if someone hasn't realized]

- You're so tiny! I love it!
- Yep! I'm a pocket version of human.

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  1. Wróciła na grunwald i znów ma w dupie bloga.

    1. Nie mialam czasu nic pisac, a i weny brak. Bylam zawieszona miedzy stresem, nauka, spaniem, zwiazkiem, sexem i problemami zarowno zdrowotnymi jak i uczelnianymi :(

  2. kiedys urzeklo mnie okreslenie - koktajlowy Koreanczyk (wzrostowo)