wtorek, 28 stycznia 2014

Zizi and Me

After a big meal:
Imp - I'm so full.
Ziz - Yeah, you're a fool.

Imp - Nope. Blow job week exists only in guys imaginations.
Ziz - You suck!
Imp - I don't and this seems to be the problem ;p

On the radio:
|Venus - Bananarama (HQ Audio)

Habibi/Ziz: I'm your P E N I S! I'm your fire, slow desire...

Imp - I will hung the whites... I can't hang colors though.
Ziz - Why?
Imp - That would be racist xD

Imp - How does it feel?
Ziz - Weird.
Imp - It was supposed to feel good...
Ziz - You want me to try it on you?
Imp - Nooooo. I did already.
Ziz - And?
Imp - ??
Ziz - Does it feel good?
Imp - No. It hurts me.
Ziz - Baby, don't read cosmo...

Imp - I love you so much that I wish I had strabismus because then I would see you double.

Imp - Hey princess!
Ziz - Princess? Princess?! What princess?
Imp - You know, the daughter of a king...
Ziz - That's offensive!
Imp - I'm not sorry.
Ziz - Of course you're not sorry because you're a bitch.
[Like that's not offensive]

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