wtorek, 8 października 2013

obligatory lectures

Sitting in the class 
Wasting my time
Thinking about 
Videos on vine

Stupid people and funny cats
Followed by fats and water rats
Some hookah skills and dancing bitches
They stick to brain like fucking stitches

Let me propose some cool idea
Give us a wi-fi (flowing) like diarrhea
Add to your lectures silly videos
To get attention and no more zeros

Students would listen, teachers'd be happy
We all could use some laughing therapy
If this idea will not be liked
I have another option on mind

We'll bring some vodka in cola bottles
That'd make us happy not stiff like waffles
The only problem could be our smell
And maybe also brain dull like bell

With fall depression, frosty surroundings
Nerds will announce their gaming findings
But it's not ready, winter is comming
Let's help them in the better programming

My Nowa Era and your PSP
Got little boring, get me IV
Mahjong, Sudoku, FIFA and Witcher, 
With them our lifes are becoming richer

Dear politicians, teachers and dean
We are not happy and this is sin
Solve our problem, you will be loved
But as for now, we'll stay well plugged

* * * * *

|Best Vines of September 2013 Compilation (Week 2)
I totally recommend this channel xD

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