sobota, 26 marca 2011

association game.. you may continue

nature, navigation, responsibility, choices, love, hate, emotions, crawling, ice, movement, traffic, speed of life, unimportance, imagination, death, the end, beginning, illusion, conclusion, words, pleasure, pain, time, healing, smoke, fire, heart, witch, beach, darkness, sunlight, see, perspective, horizon, adventure, stars, flow, genes, glory, happiness, hero, memories, wind, trees, green, freedom, travel, advantage, concern, concert, music, careless, time pass, addiction, decisions, mistakes, human, people, person, me, you, her, him, us, you, them, names, homes, objects, actions, projects, informations, influences, comments, likes, unlikes, statistics, streets, springs, years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, letters, alphabets, sounds, meanings, luck, lack, emptiness, loss, confusion, help, smile, hand, heat, fireplace, guitars, laughter, friendship, family, group, philosophy, realism, materialism, egoism, album, explanations, understanding, psychology, brain, nerves, hormones, enzymes, tissues, elements, order, life...

4 komentarze:

  1. Dopiero zacząłem czytać tego bloga, więc nie mogę się wypowiadać o całości, jednak muszę stwierdzić że jak na razie jest bardzo... intrygujący. Idealny by odpocząć przez chwilę od hałasów dnia codziennego. ;)

  2. dead, hell, haven, angel, child, mother, fight, boys, jealousy, disappointment..

  3. stanowczo brakowało 'dópy' ;)