środa, 25 stycznia 2017


Everyone wants to be appreciated and loved. Everyone wants to feel special for someone even if they think they are normal. Everyone needs someone to rely on. To amaze. To miss. To desire. 

It's that look on someone's face after long absence, it's the sparkle in their eyes, it's the smile, the hand touch, the unspoken words, the in between the lines, the sniff on the hair that almost goes unnoticed, the goosebumps, the butterflies, the feeling of the reward of getting someone special. 

It's like watching fireworks show in the rain, on the cold night, sitting under one umbrella, hugging for the first time under one blanket kind of feeling. It's the feeling of someone looking at you all dressed up, with their sparkling eyes, taking time to say how beautiful you are because they need a moment to ingest it. It's that hug after long separation that feels like it'll last forever but it's stopped way too soon because you need to know about the travel. It's the goodnights and good mornings. It's kisses on forehead and on hands. Is the protecting hug while sleeping. It's catching you when you slip. It's knowing what you love and listen to your dreams and nightmares. It's the little gifts, trying to make you smile, letting you know they think of you even when you're away. It's wanting what's best for each other even if it's not comfortable. It's caring even when you are very mad. 

Isn't this "just" love? 

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