czwartek, 28 sierpnia 2014

Zizi and Me

Summer time, summer time, summer time texting:

Zizi- I always imagine holding you when I try to sleep. Never gave up on you and never will, till I hold your tight for real.
Me - Hold my tight! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA sure you can hold it! I thought you want me all not only my tight but... let it be. I would pick boobs if i were you!

I'm such a romance maniac!

Watching House of lies, dude smells like vanilla
few moments later
- Baby, you smell delicious!
- Like vanilla?
- No, like scrambled eggs...

Niño - our flatmate and Zizi's great friend (dude). I always thought their relationship is more then little gay.

- We've seen this scene!
- I haven't! Who did you see it with?
- You!
- No. I have never seen it before. You had to watch it with one of your exes....
- Baby, it was before summer!
- Well it had to be with Niño then.

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