poniedziałek, 28 kwietnia 2014

Zizi and Me

Imp - Why is everyone pregnant?!
Ziz - I think it have something to do with YOLO consequences.

Imp - I'm a sexy vampire!
Ziz - I knoooow and I can't wait till sunset! I will light up some candles, just few, so I can differentiate between...
Imp - ...me and the pillows xD
Ziz - ehh... between colors.

Imp - My cup is sticky :(
Ziz - Do you want me to fix it with no solution?
Imp - Nah, I just whine.
Ziz - I whiskey.

6 Feb. After exam, cinema, waiting for the movie.
Imp - Let's pretend today is Valentines day and get it over with.
Ziz - Ok, Happy Valentines Day!
Imp - Yeah, Happy Valentines Day.
Ziz - Ok, we're done.
Imp - Not yet.
[Quick kiss]
Imp - Now we're done.
Ziz - We're such hipsters.

Imp - My wife!
Ziz - Yea, I remember how you proposed; via text and gave me a rubber ring from KFC that says you don't wanna die alone like a dog, did you?
Imp- Umm... Yeah that was probably one of your crazy nightmares!
I proposed with the Ring of Power, while we were flying on the dragon across a double rainbow toward the sunrise, through the wardrobe door, yelling spells and waving my magic wand to protect us from dementors and black magicians. We also had the Luggage carrying champagne, candles and strawberries
Ziz - Ops, don't remember that.
Imp - You know nothing, John Snow.

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