czwartek, 14 czerwca 2012

Klebsiella i inne takie (nowy mikro hit!)

Jelly brain! Tak! To właśnie robi z nami sesja!
A teraz śpiewamy wszyscy razem:
'Would You catch my Klebsiella? -ella-ella-eh-eh!' :D

Phahahahahahhaha!!! I love it!!

'- molds reproduce asexually, means they don't have sex!
- OMG that's so poor!
[crying voice] - I don't wanna be a mold!!!'

- Do You think it's gonna be this?
- Noooo because it's... pH should be higher because lactobacillus is making it less acidic... no w8...
I mean yes because pH should be lower since it's also in GI which is acidic... No... let me check it... yes... no... yeahnoooooummmmm... OMG! I hate this shit!
- I don't think it's going to be on the test thou.
- No! Now I need to know!
- Ok fine! I don't know!
- I was just kidding. Let's skip it...

- Eouuuu!!! Look at this! So grose! I hope I don't get it!
- Show me! Yeah! Grose :) !

- I think I have a cavity in my tooth!
- And what is it caused by?
- Chocolate?
- No!
- ok, ok, Str. mutans

- Oh I hate my life! Why did I go to med school?! [9 sec looking at some notes] Hey! Is it also causing meningitis?
- Yeah...
- I love this shit! <3 It's so interesting!

- I don't get it! I'm so stupid! I wanna die!
- Yeah, me too.
[continue studying]

- What is PCR?
- Idk... Pepper Chilli Red?
- What is EB?
- Well EBV is Epstein Barr Virus.. but EB?
- So what about RB?
- Umm... RBC is Red Blood Cells... or maybe... reticulooo... ummm... smg?
- No dude, this is not it.
- Which topic?
- Chlamydias...
- Couldn't You just say it? It's Elementary Body and Reticular Body. The difference between them is [blablabla]

[talking to a dog with a voice like little girls]
- And mycoplasma are those little bitty tiny colonies that You can't see unless You have big ass microscope
- Yesssss! And they look like little tiny bitty fried eggs!

i tak przez całą noc dziś! awwww!!! Spać!

Jeden czy dwa z tych dialogów przeprowadziłam sama ze sobą... na głos! Czuję się jak świr!

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