niedziela, 15 sierpnia 2010

gothic scenerio

If You would cheat on me I wouldn't even let You realize that I know about it and that it hurts me. But You would get to regret it soon because there's no way to forget and forgive when someone we love and trust cheats on us and our trust.

That's what I would do:
I would buy 4 pairs of cuffs , silver knife, strawberries, champagne, my favourite cd with some gothic music, letter paper, lot's of black candles, essences, black ribbon to tie Your eyes, nice red dress for myself and matching make up. I would colour my hair red becouse what i would do would be full of energy and emotions. I would coff You to bed when u would be sleeping naked by hands and legs the way You wouldn't be able to move, light all candles and essences around, play my favourite cd, put strawberries in a silver bowl, champagne in glass, and put silver knife next to it. I would write to You the sweetest love letter anyone ever wrote and I would put it under knife. Then all dressed up i would come to You and gently wake You up. I would make You as excited as You ever was. I would feed You with strawberries from top of silver knife and champagne from my lips. I would kiss every and each part of Your body, I would lick, bite, scratch every inch of your skin, I would make You come as close to heaven as human alive can. And before I would put You inside me You would die from pleasure. And later it would get only better. While You would be flying over eternity I would take one pillow from bed and while comming I would start chokeing You. But not till death. I would leave You in that state btw dead and alive. Then I would take off ribbon from Your eyes. You would see sea of candles, essential fogg, shadows on walls, and me, as You've never seen me before. I would look as good as it gets. I would sit in front of You on the floor and not saying anything I would take last strawberry from sliver knife. Music would be gothic, erotic, lyrics would be dreadfull. You would have just anought life in You to look, but not anought to make a motion. I would eat that last strawberry, take the last sip of champagne and.. I would cut my wrists. Lake of blood would slowly grow around me and I would just look at You with sad look and smile throu tears. And then I would die. You would just look at all of it and wouldn't be able to do anything, nor even say. And then You would have to live with thought that You killed one psychic life.
But it's ok. It's just one less sad gothic girl.

But I know it will never happen because I love You and You love me.

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  1. OMG
    po przeczytaniu tego tekstu, znaleziono ja po pieciu dniach, siedzaca nieruchomo i patrzaca tepym wzrokiem w ekran monitora...