sobota, 8 maja 2010

my weird dream

i was living by the forest.. and it was some boring mess going on thateveryone beside me went to.. so i decided that i'm going for a walk to that forest.. and i went and w/ me there was my 2 best girlfriends and some lil boy... it was getting late and was getting dark and we were over forest on some hill... and it looked kinda scarry... so we decided to go back kinda around that forest on the grass land bcs after sun set we would got lost for sure in forest.. so we started going.. at some point some guy came from forest bcs w were walking just by it and we started running away.. he was fallowing us.. and there was some scarp.. one of my frnds fell and we turned back.. guy was not following us anymore.. so we kneeled over that scarp and checked if we can c her.. no sign.. we starting calling her name but there was no responce.. and the guy came back bcs he heard us screaming.. we started running away again.. i was holding hand of that lil boy.. at some time i realized that 2nd frnd is not w/ me anymore.. so i was alone and i had that lil boy w/ me.. we were both ired and i was kinda carrying him now bcs he couldn't run or walk.. and we got to some road and there were some village girls in scars on their hads and w/ big basket walking.. i asked them for help and asked them bout that guy.. they just smiled and i knew that they're w/ hi.. it's some kinda gang of killers.. so i was running again and i was so tired and still was pulling that lil boy behind me bcs i wanted to safe him so bad.. but i didn't even know if i'll be alife.. so i was running and more and more of them were running after me.. and i knew that they're just playing w/ me bcs if they would want they could kill me just like that.. anytime..
and on the way when we run lil further from that group we've met some old guy.. he said smg bout changeing bodies/ images of bodies.. and he changed into some baby.. we run again.. and w got to some building.. we got in and there was so many stairs and floors.. and at 2nd floor i've met some ppl i know (like group from my hs class) and i started talking to them bcs i felt that w/ thm i'm safe.. so me and that boy could rest for a while.. but not long bcs i decided that we all should go up and don't split.. it's safer.. on next floor there was more of my fnds.. and we were all going up and up.. till they started changeing.. into eachother.. like at the tie there could be few clons of one person.. i started running up again and they were laughing.. i was tired scared and.. pissed.. they were vampires.. and i was pissed bcs that's not how i imagined them.. in my imagination they'were gendered and sexy.. and here they didn't really have any concrete bodies just spirits.. totally monstrous.. on the way running up i lost that boy in that group of wampires, my frnds and i couldn't find it.. then i've seen him in few copies... i knew his dead.. :/ on mid floors there were some doors.. on everyfloor but i've just realized that.. i got into one blocked them and run.. there was some wc so i got in and closed door.. and there he was.. that disgusting creature looking like some sexy guy.. i was so disgust.. he got there throu kea whole.. i pushed him away and run away.. was thinking where else could i run.. the only place where i could hide would be cash box (u know the one w/ lock) but how would i breathe there? so i was running till he caught me, he was laughing all the way till he caught me and stucked to my neck... i kicked him in balls and run away.. he changed into soe monstrous, devil.. smg... and i started changeing into wampire too.. it was gross bcs i was going to be that.. monster... killing my frnds, and other humans.. and then i thought that they're atacing all ppl in the earth and there is no way to stop them now.. it was night already.. and that they're not affrain of light, garlic, silver, mirrors.. ntg.. and then i woke myself up took pills.. and slept again.. and.. i was on a titanic watching how that main couple is behind losed way.. and water tooked them.,. i was affraid again.. i knew the're gonna die.. and then i thought.. they're gonna die but that wampire will be safe bcs he'll change into her later and will get saved on that door.. and then i totally woke up thinking that it was totally stupid dream :D

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